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Technology Lifecycle Solutions

Technology Recycling Services

Got a storage room full of old electronics? Are you a business in the middle of a refresh? We can help recycle your unwanted electronics. Give us a call or email us to discuss how we can help you declutter. 

Managing Technology end of life can be a lot of work. Allow us to make it easy on you and remove your equipment. You provide the equipment we provide the muscle.

Which items do we accept? Well its a long list, the general rule of thumb is: If it plugs into a wall outlet or runs on a battery we take it. We do not take bio hazardous or hazardous materials or items which are used for personal grooming. Items such as appliances are considered White goods and are not acceptable. We do not take electronics used in the food industry.

Desktop and notebook computers
Computer components (Motherboards, power supplies, PCI, AGP, ISA cards, hard drives, CD-ROM's. Floppy drives, etc.)
PDA's, smartphones and cell phones
Calculators, remotes, modems
Stereo and audio/video equipment
Game consoles, game disc's, cartridges, media and accessories
Batteries (lithium, Ni-Cad, NiMH, Lead Acid, Alkaline) (Place in bags)
Storage Media (floppy disks, CD's, DVD's)
Empty ink and toner cartridges (placed in bags)
All cables, adapters and connectors.
Printers, scanners and all-in-ones
CRT Monitors and LCD Displays
UPS Systems



Destruction Services

When it comes to asset disposal, we understand that security is paramount.

We have a wide range of destruction services to meet your needs. We offer the following:

Complete PC destruction

Hard drive destruction

Optical and magnetic media destruction

Cell phone & Tablet destruction

Technology Repair Services

Maintaining a fleet of hardware can be a full time job. Anything from cracked screens to a system that doesn't boot. We offer a full range of sales and service options for your business. Contact us for a price quote for anything you are looking for. 

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